Rihanna “Yup! That’s suede!!!

15 Aug

Rihanna posted this picture of her nails on her instagram yesterday. Are suede/fury fabric looking nails the new wave? If you like it you can try it at home with a very inexpensive product from your local craft store called flocking powder.

They are calling this new nail trend The Velvet Manicure

  • Nail polish! Any color will do
  • Flocking powder. This can be found at Michael’s in the scrapbook aisle.

Complete the look with these steps:

  1. Apply one coat of polish to all of your fingers.
  2. Doing one nail at a time, apply a thick second coat of polish. Sprinkle flocking powder over the nail. Press down on the nail to make sure the flocking powder adheres. Repeat on the rest of your nails!
  3. Make sure to let your nails completely dry before doing anything.
  4. Show it off!

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